Ask IBT – Reminder to renew your customers

Ask IBT – Reminder to renew your customers

Well, there is a pretty simple option in NetSuite that you could use as a reminder to renew your customers.

In the reminder portlet, you have a reminder named ‘Customer to Renew’. It reminds you of the number of customers you need to renew. Let’s see how we make use of this option.

Under the customer record ->Financial subtab, you will notice 3 fields, namely Start Date, End Date and Reminder Days

Start Date:

The date this person or company became a customer, lead or prospect.

If this person or company has a contract with you, enter the start date of the contract.

If you enter an estimate or an opportunity for this customer, this field will be updated with the date of that transaction.

End Date:

If you have a contract with this customer, enter the end date here.

Reminder Days:

How many days before the end date you want to be reminded that this customer’s contract or job service needs renewing.

See a sample below:

And now, let’s add the reminder:

  • If you do not see any Reminders portlet on your dashboard, click the Personalize link in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can also use the Personalize Dashboard link in the Settings portlet.
  • On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the Reminders icon or drag it onto the dashboard.
  • In the Reminders portlet’s menu, click Set Up.
  • Click Customers to Renew reminder in the left list or drag it to the Current Selectionslist on the right.
  • Click Save.


Now, let’s come back to the Home Page and you will notice the Reminder portlet, with the “Customers to Renew” reminder, indicating how many customers are in need of renewal

Clicking on that, will take you to the list of the customers needing renewal.


Well, its pretty simple but could save you a lot of time and effort.

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