Sustainable impact made easy

Enhance your company’s sustainability impact effortlessly. Uncover actionable insights on energy efficiency, emission reduction progress, cost and environmental benefits.

Simplify workflows, monitors key metrics, and seamlessly support sustainability initiatives, ensuring your dedication to mitigating climate risks and reducing carbon emissions stands out effortlessly.


Why ESGInsights

ESGInsights is tailored to empower organisations to not only comply with new regulations but to also drive their sustainability initiatives forward.

By providing a robust framework for data collection, input, and analysis, this tool helps businesses measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impact effectively.

Beyond compliance

  • Prepare for climate-related risk disclosures and sustainability reporting

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk identification, management, monitoring, analysis and targets.

  • Leverage off existing data and technologies. Efficient additional data collection, analysis and actionable insights.


Leverage existing data and infrastructure

  • Integrate your existing data and infrastructure effortlessly into your ESG management and reporting.
  • Why build from the ground up when you can optimise what you already have? Integrate smoothly with your current systems, enhancing sustainability efforts without the hassle of starting anew.
  • Retrofit your infrastructure to unlock greater efficiency and cost savings. Propel your team beyond reactivity, fostering a proactive approach.

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