Tier 1 Australian Energy retailer

Tier 1 Australian Energy retailer

Our customer is responsible for building, operating, and maintaining one of Australia’s largest electricity networks.

They look after the poles and wires that deliver electricity to 95 per cent of New South Wales and parts of southern Queensland.

The Needs / Challenges

Working to a very tight deadline to complete ERP, PeopleSoft Migration and Data Readiness Projects out client required a Change Data Capture tool (CDC) capable of working on a Pluggable Database for its PeopleSoft Data Centre move to Azure.  They were keen to find a more efficient solution for a data platform uplift project they had just started.

The Solution  

-Qlik Replicate – MS SQL Server to Azure SQL.  Future potential to use Qlik Compose.

The Results

-Already comfortable with using Microsoft Connector for Oracle by Attunity for its CDC process, there was an immediate familiarity with Qlik Replicate.  This resulted in a reduced need for in-depth training and lowered training overheads.

-Qlik Replicate works with a pluggable Oracle database (19c) necessary for the PeopleSoft Data Centre move to Azure.

-Replicate’s CDC functionality, with the latest versions of Oracle, can support containerised databases and handle large volumes of data.

-After testing other applications, Oracle GoldenGate and Shareplex, our customer felt that the Qlik Replicate was able to handle the volume of transactions needed and is easier to implement and maintain.   This combined with a critical deadline to meet and the negation of training made Qlik Replicate the right tool for them.

Photo credit: Thanks to Matthew Henry for sharing their work on Unsplash.