Ask IBT – NetSuite ID

Ask IBT – NetSuite ID

Q: What is my NetSuite ID?

You might often come across a scenario where you NetSuite account number will be required for setting up services such as NetSuite for Outlook or integrating additional third party products or even while contacting the NetSuite support team.

There are a couple of ways. Let’s have a look

1) Company Information

Go to Setup –> Company –> Company Information.

Your account number will be listed under the Account ID field.

2) Web services Preferences

Go to Setup –> Integration-> Web services Preferences

Your account number will be listed under the Account ID field.

3) NetSuite Support site

Go to SuiteAnswers using one of the following methods:

  • In the NetSuite Help Center, click the SuiteAnswers link on the toolbar.
  • In the NetSuite user interface, go to Support > Go to SuiteAnswers menu option.
  • On the Support tab, click Go to SuiteAnswers in the SuiteAnswers portlet.

Under Urgent Questions on the right side of the page, click Contact Support by Phone.

A popup window opens that displays your account number in the first sentence.

4) From your browser

  • Right click on your NetSuite Page -> View Page Source
  • Scroll Right to the bottom of the page and you will notice your Account ID


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