Ask IBT – Expand Tabs on Entry Form

Ask IBT – Expand Tabs on Entry Form

So the other day, I get a call from one of our client end users who was pretty upset that her NetSuite entry form page ( Entities, Items etc.)  for some reason looked very different and had made her life hard.

When I logged into my test account, I couldn’t notice anything specific. So when I remoted into her machine, I noticed the below.


As you can see the entry forms have no tabs and instead the tabs are expanded and the contents are listed in order on a single page so that you can tab through the fields. Some users might not like this view. Now, in order to remove this option,

Go to HOME -> Set Preferences -> Appearance and uncheck Expand Tabs on Entry Forms ( as you can see from the screen shot )  -> Save.



See the difference.

If you have a problem like my end user, give this a try and sure it should fix it up

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