The Need for Real-Time Operational Reporting and Analytics in these Changing Times

The Need for Real-Time Operational Reporting and Analytics in these Changing Times

In light of recent events across Australia and the rest of the world, our businesses are having to deal with a much more volatile trading environment than we have been used to. Supply chains have been disrupted and customer bases are moving like quicksand as our governments quite rightly respond with policies around crowd control.

Whether your business is in front-line health services, retail, distribution, logistics or manufacturing the need for accurate, up-to-date data on which to base operational and managerial decision making is even more critical. Having to rely on data that is one or two days behind is no longer acceptable as the playing field is changing by the hour.

Qlik Replicate provides the capability to capture real-time data changes from multiple sources, feed them into your operational reporting and/or analytics platforms so more timely data is available. Qlik Replicate does NOT require a long ETL development project. The beauty of the product is in its simplicity to implement and its ability to handle datatype changes when moving data from one database platform to another database or analytics platform. Qlik Replicate can do this whether the target environment is on premise or in the cloud.

Many existing reporting platforms do a great job producing the reports/analytics required but the data behind those reports and analytics is often over 12-24 hours old. This is because they rely on overnight extracts and loads. What if the existing reporting could be made to be near real-time in the short term without the need for a complete re-write. With Qlik Replicate this is a distinct possibility. 

Contact IBT today to investigate how Qlik Replicate can assist your organisation in achieving real-time operational reporting and/or analytics. 

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