Join Us for IBT and Corinium’s Deep Dive – Data Governance Event September 13-14

Join Us for IBT and Corinium’s Deep Dive – Data Governance Event September 13-14

Even though large face-to-face gatherings are not possible at the moment, we at IBT want to make sure you are still at the center of Data and Analytics conversations of 2021.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us at Corinium’s CDAO Deep Dives – Data Governance Online A/NZ, taking place on 13 & 14 September 2021, a series of international keynotes, expert analysis, brand new case studies, and live, interactive panels around how data and analytics can deliver business value.

Catch Evan Hodge’s case study!

Evan will be presenting his case study entitled, “How Qlik’s Data Integration (QDI) platform simplifies achieving data integrity and availability”!

Effective Data Governance ensures reliable data is available at the right time, to the right audience. Qlik’s data integration platform delivers this capability and more.

Evan Hodge
Co-Founder/Tech Teams Leader
IBT (Integrated Business Technologies)

In this case study, Evan will discuss:

* Introduction to IBT and the Qlik Data Integration platform
* Creating trusted real-time data pipelines with low impact on source systems using change data capture (CDC)
* Changing from after-the-fact reporting to near real-time compliance checking
* How one platform that operates in heterogeneous environments can save time, money and stress

2021 Key Themes:

Day One – How to Modernise Data Governance & Management to Match Business Objectives –  Understand specific instruments and tools that can be deployed to operationalise data governance and ensure security, privacy and the ethical use of data and AI.

Day Two – Making Data Fit for Purpose: Delivering Trusted, High Quality, Robust Data – Ensure your strategy, foundational capabilities and activities are all geared towards embedding analytics into the fabric of the organisation.

Plus you can register for free! Join us online on 13th and 14th September 2021.