Ask IBT – Navigation

Ask IBT – Navigation

Q: What’s the easiest way to navigate NetSuite?

One of the most common grievances that I hear from users is “So many buttons to click in order to reach that page”  and  “Where did that record go, I just opened it. Oh, I need to redo the whole thing again”.

Well, NetSuite has 3 options that could sort out your navigation hassles.

1) Shortcut menu:

The Shortcuts menu contains links that you can click for easy access to your most frequently used records, transactions, lists, and/or reports. These same links also appear as options on the shortcuts portlet

You can add, remove, and change the order of shortcut links in the Shortcuts portlet and shortcuts menu. You can also set up shortcuts to open linked pages in new windows. Any changes you make are applied to both the Shortcuts portlet and the shortcuts menu options.
2)  Recent Records:

The Recent Records menu displays a list of records that you have recently created, modified, or viewed with links that you can click for quick access to these records.

The following screenshot displays the Recent Records menu available from the  icon on the navigation menu. Click a link to display an individual record, or click All Recent Records to display a list of all records you have used recently, in reverse chronological order.

3) “Create New” menu

The Create New menu appears in the NetSuite header and is always visible.

This menu includes links to create new instances of different types of records. Each link in the menu represents a type of record related to the record or transaction you are currently viewing. Click a link to create a record of that type.

The options available on a record are limited by the role you are logged in with, but you can change which options are listed in the menu.

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