University of Queensland

University of Queensland

Leading Australian University

The University of Queensland wanted to move from extensive direct point-to-point data exchange to a more standardised data integration capability to respond to increasing demand for (near) real-time integration. The latency inherent in the typical 24 hour ETL cycle was inadequate for many downstream applications. A more efficient approach was to identify just the data that had changed, and propagate those changes through to the data hub and then onto downstream applications that required the data in near real time. After tendering, the university chose Attunity Replicate, as it met their exacting data availability needs at the right price.


  •  Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server sources to Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server/Mongo DB targets


  • Attunity Replicate 


  • IBT provided on-site proof of concept implementation, within time and budget
  • IBT provide support and maintenance services