Rise of Cloud Data Lake – Webinar

Free legacy data and power cloud data analytics. Fast. Watch this on-demand webinar

How did Aegon use AWS and Qlik to unlock mainframe data and make data delivery faster? With an automated cloud data lake. Watch this free on-demand webinar to unshackle the chains of legacy systems and deliver multi-sourced data into the cloud with real-time, automated data pipelines. Register to access: The Rise of Cloud Data Lake Power with Data in 2021

Qlik’s Data Integration Platform:

  • helps you realize a faster return on your data lake investment by continuously delivering accurate, timely and trusted data sets for business insights
  • provides an unparalleled ability to automate data streams from any source – including mainframes, SAP, databases and data warehouses – into your data lake, either on-premises or in the cloud
  • unlocks the value of all your data by accelerating delivery of analytics-ready data sets for AI, machine learning and analytics programs to maximize efficiency, agility and flexibility.

Working with many of Australia’s largest corporates and government organisations, IBT is Australia’s most experienced and successful Qlik Data Integration and Management solution provider. Visit us to access free downloadable data sheets, white papers and more:
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