Attunity Enables Cloud Data Lake for Real-time Analytics

Attunity Enables Cloud Data Lake for Real-time Analytics

Attunity Ltd. announced yesterday that a large insurance company operating across several European countries has selected Attunity Replicate as its data ingestion solution to support a strategic cloud data lake initiative.

The solution includes Attunity Replicate for SAP and was chosen to enable real-time analytics across several domains including customers, fraud and compliance. This deal includes revenues of over $1.0 million in license, maintenance and services. The majority of the revenue from the agreement will be recognized in the second half of 2017.

Seeing an opportunity to deliver differentiated service to its customers using real-time data, the customer built a data lake in the Cloud to enable a 360-view of its customer for upsell opportunities and improved customer service. The data lake is also designed to enable more timely fraud detection and improved compliance. The solution required efficient and real-time data ingestion at scale from several heterogeneous systems, including SAP, Mainframe, and Oracle data sources.

The customer chose Attunity Replicate, a universal and real-time data ingestion solution designed to seamlessly support various source systems. The solution is designed to provide data in real-time to the Customer’s data lake in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This includes the need to deliver SAP data in real-time, for which the Customer selected Attunity Replicate for SAP to leverage its application-level integration that supports SAP’s data model and proprietary data structures. Using the Attunity solution, the Customer expects to scale with data growth and meet its goal to provide high customer and employee satisfaction.

“Enabling real-time analytics on large-scale data has become a common requirement for corporations across many industries, and is the foundation for enabling competitive capabilities through analytics,” explained Shimon Alon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Attunity. “Attunity continues to be selected as the vendor of choice. This is due to our universal, real-time and hybrid data ingestion solution providing unique value in complex environments, including SAP, Mainframe and the Cloud. We are proud to partner with these leading companies and see additional opportunities for growth with these large-scale and strategic deals.”