Verizon Delivers SAP Data in real time into Hadoop

attunity replicate

BURLINGTON, MA – June 7, 2017 – Attunity Ltd. (NASDAQ: ATTU), a leading provider of data integration and Big Data management software solutions, announced today that Verizon Data Services uses Attunity Replicate for SAP to deliver data in real-time from its SAP systems to its financial reporting and analytics data lake on Hadoop. The real-time Attunity offering, being highlighted by Verizon in two upcoming presentations, provides universal data ingestion and replication from several business systems at Verizon including SAP. The solution delivers data continuously and makes it available for analytic processing in a Hortonworks data lake platform. This creates a consolidated and central repository for financial reporting and analytics across the business, improving overall business insights. Arvind Rajagopalan, Director, Global Technology Services (GTS) at Verizon will present the real-time data for analytics solution this week in a webinar on June 8, as well as in a session on June 15 at the DataWorks Summit 2017 in San Jose, CA.

As one of the largest providers of information technology services in the world, Verizon is a multi-billion dollar company that ranks 13th on the Fortune 500 and has over 161,000 employees. It offers Internet protocol, data, voice, and wireless communication solutions to both businesses and federal government agencies. To increase efficiency with their financial reporting, Verizon’s business leaders knew that they needed more in-depth understanding and knowledge of its financial data. In response, Verizon’s Global Technology Services (GTS) team decided to create new reporting and analytical tools, and select a real-time data ingest solution that would enable them to move data from several sources into a Hortonworks data lake for business intelligence in real-time.

Verizon’s financial IT landscape, consisting of two separate SAP ERP systems as well as a PeopleSoft system, delivers financial information and business transactions across the enterprise. Ingesting this information in real-time into the Hadoop data lake proved challenging from an integration, performance, and implementation perspective. Verizon began to search for real-time Hadoop data integration solutions that could continuously capture data as it changes in SAP, including SAP’s proprietary Pool and Cluster tables. The team discovered Attunity Replicate for SAP and found that it successfully met all their needs.

“Previously, getting data in real-time for our financial reports was very time-consuming and labor intensive,” explained Arvind Rajagopalan, Director, Global Technology Services, at Verizon. “Using Attunity Replicate we can provide timely access to the SAP data in our data lake, which is invaluable to our financial analytics and modeling teams. They now have instant visibility for financial reporting across business lines – key to optimizing decision support, as well as being responsive to customers. We’re also pleased to be able to simplify our architecture and eliminate middle-tier systems we previously used for significant cost savings and fewer developer resources required to manage data ingestion.”

“We are proud to be a strategic partner to Verizon, a world market leader, to help them capitalize on the value of having timely data in a central data lake to support real-time analytics,” stated Itamar Ankorion, Chief Marketing Officer at Attunity. “With Attunity Replicate’s universal data ingestion capabilities, Verizon can benefit from expanding its solution to additional data sources and analytic platforms, and we are excited about the potential of enabling Verizon to discover more insights as they grow their corporate initiative.”

Verizon will present its real-time data for analytics solution in live webinar and at DataWorks Summit 2017 in San Jose, CA