Attunity Launches Data Delivery Solution for Google Cloud

attunity cloudbeam accelerated data delivery

Attunity CloudBeam for Google Cloud Dataproc enables seamless integration and accelerated data transfers to the new Google Cloud Platform

Attunity Ltd., the leading provider of Big Data management software solutions, announced a new cloud solution this week: Attunity CloudBeam for Google Cloud Dataproc. The Attunity solution seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud Platform to enable users accelerated Big Data loading from on-premise data centres and the cloud into Spark and Hadoop on Cloud Platform. This enables a faster and easier process for enabling Big Data analytics in the cloud.

The new Google Cloud Dataproc is designed to be a fast, easy-to-use, and fully-managed service that lets users run Spark and Hadoop on Google Cloud Platform. Its native integration offers immense scalability and ease-of use with multiple channels for cluster interaction and management. Customers using it can benefit by only paying for what they use while running Spark and Hadoop on the Google platform, rather than paying a rounded-up cost outside of the cloud.

Brian Gracely, Senior Analyst at Wikibon, commented: “The public cloud market continues to grow at a rapid pace. This is fueled by the fact that customers now have more choices than ever with cloud services like Google’s and Attunity’s to solve their business challenges. The key to success is making these solutions part of a cloud or hybrid cloud strategy that includes data integration for analytics. This approach enables businesses to provide the most updated information possible while being able to track and measure progress to goal efficiently.”

Despite the growing market and fast metamorphosis of cloud technology, moving data to the cloud quickly and easily remains a challenge for enterprises worldwide. Attunity CloudBeam helps businesses overcome this hurdle with its broad platform support, high-performance and easy-to-use data loading capabilities enabling real-time data movement for improved insights.

“We are pleased to continue to expand our growing collaboration with Google and support their Go-to-Market strategy with Google Cloud Dataproc,” said Itamar Ankorion, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Attunity. “Customers will appreciate our seamless integrated technology and the value that Attunity CloudBeam brings in reducing the complexity of one of the most time-consuming steps of enabling analytics – moving data.”

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