Attunity helps solve a data warehouse conundrum

Attunity helps solve a data warehouse conundrum

Attunity has helped to solve a problem for many organisations employing a data warehouse by acquiring Appfluent, whose technology analyses the usage of big data in the data warehouse and helps them identify data that is old and redundant. By then employing Replicate, that data can then be moved to a far cheaper alternative such as Hadoop, or Amazon’s Redshift, and means that the costlier data warehouse contains only the freshest and most relevant information to analyse.

Appfluent data usage analytics provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into usage and performance of data warehouse and business intelligence systems. Only Appfluent enables IT decision makers to:

  • See exactly how enterprise data is being used or not used
  • Know how well BI is performing from the users’ perspective
  • Identify the root-cause of database issues that impact the business

As a result, Appfluent enables customers to address exploding data growth with confidence, proactively manage performance of queries and reports to stay ahead of end-user demands, and begin the move to Big Data from a starting point that leads to success.

To read more on the deal, follow this link to Jonathan Fishman’s article posted on Seeking Alpha 

 IBT is a reseller and implementation partner of Attunity for ANZ.