IBT has built Australia’s most experienced and successful Qlik data integration (QDI) practice since 2014.
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Qlik Data Integration Overview

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Real-time Data Streaming (CDC)
Extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.

Agile Data Warehouse Automation
Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built cloud data warehouses without manual coding.

Managed Data Lake Creation
Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.

Data Integration Platform Datasheet
Using the Qlik Data Integration Platform for Better Analytics

Enabling SAP Analytics
Qlik Replicate is optimized to deliver SAP application data in real-time for big data analytics

Customer Story: BITMARCK
BITMARCK uses Qlik Replicate and Microsoft SQL Server to Enable Real-time Business Intelligence

IBT customer care since 1997 

IBT has been delivering professional IT services to corporate, government and small to medium businesses since 1997.

IBT Qlik follows the same customer care process that IBT has delivered from the beginning.

 ✓ Make life easy for the customer

  ✓ Keep it within budget/preferably under

  ✓ Always work with the customer’s short and long term success and best interests in mind

  ✓ Use our experience to judge which new cutting-edge tech is genuinely beneficial and not just a fad

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Take a look at what some of our customers say

“Thanks for all your support. Please do call on us when you are in Melbourne. I am sure the team would love to meet you in person!”

Bi & Data Engineering, Global Payment organisation


“Everything is going well with Qlik. There is no issue and no interruption of replication. Appreciate your support”

DBA, ICT Enterprise Architecture, Leading Australian University


“Both yourself and your company have been fantastic to deal with”

Manager Contract and Vendor Management Queensland Shared Services, State Government Shared Services department


“Just want to take this opportunity to thank Evan for his support and prompt response in the last few weeks. Currently our production Qlik replication runs smoothly and error free.”

Database Engineer, leading Australian & Global Infrastructure Manager

Qlik provides the most innovative and effective data integration platform

Their solutions enable your organization to deliver data efficiently and in real time to modern architectures

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Our Projects

State Government Department for Innovation
State Government Department for Innovation

The department works closely with other agencies to drive the State’s research, science, innovation, technology, intellectual property and service delivery....

Global Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer
Global Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer

Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer A leading Australian agricultural chemical manufacturer, with global processing operations, needed to modernise its IT environment by...

Global Healthcare Organisation
Global Healthcare Organisation

Global healthcare company chooses Attunity Replicate A global healthcare organisation was seeking a real time CDC solution for its customer transformation...

Iconic Motoring Organisation
Iconic Motoring Organisation

Iconic motoring organisation chooses Attunity A leading motoring and insurance organisation was seeking a robust software solution that could capture...

Fleet Manager
Fleet Manager

Fleet manager chooses Attunity A leading Australian fleet management and leasing company needed to modernise and consolidate its multiple Australian and NZ databases,...


Landgate chooses Attunity The Western Australia Land Information Authority, Landgate, is the guardian of property ownership in Western Australia and is...

University of Queensland
University of Queensland

Leading Australian University The University of Queensland wanted to move from extensive direct point-to-point data exchange to a more standardised data integration...

Hollard Insurance
Hollard Insurance

Hollard chooses Attunity Replicate A prominent, privately owned insurance firm, based in NSW, needed to replace its data integration and...

Energy Producer
Energy Producer

This leading state owned energy producer wanted to leverage a pre-existing HP Vertica cluster data warehouse for operational reporting. One of...


Transurban, the ASX listed developer and manager of urban toll road networks, urgently required to integrate its data into a new...

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IBT and Qlik – History

Qlik acquired Attunity in May of 2019 to help organizations overcome the complex challenges of quickly transforming data into business value. Since the acquisition by Qlik, the best of Attunity’s innovative data integration technology and expertise has combined with Qlik’s world leading analytics.

The result is an expanded platform:

  • delivering the only end to end data integration AND data analytics solutions for modern business intelligence
  • where our customers can now turn their data into real business value even faster and more cost effectively than ever before

IBT has delivered the majority of all Qlik implementations and support Australia-wide since 2014. We are now Qlik’s elite integration platform partner, reseller and services provider.

IBT & Qlik – A Powerful Partnership

Join IBT’s Qlik team as they explain how the partnership with IBT & Qlik came to be.

Later in the video they touch on the merger with Attunity and Qlik and how businesses are already capitalising on the new expanded platform.

IBT Qlik – The Merger

Join IBT’s Qlik team as they explain Attunity’s merger with Qlik and the long term benefits for their clients.

Later in the video Jun talks about the power of the CDC engine and how it makes Qlik stand out from the competition.